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PROPAGANDA PARTY!! At the Interference Archive NY

Print | Organize | Protest is partnering with Interference Archive for the Inaugurating Resistance Propaganda Party and Distribution Depot on January 14–15, 2017. There will be a TON of materials available free to the public (including incredible posters and buttons from a huge variety of artists) as well as a silkscreening set up for you to bring in your clothing and banners and signs to print on. 

From their website:


We are inviting other social spaces in New York City—spaces where our communities and peoples gather—to join us in a networked distribution of agit prop where each space helps to distribute the materials that are meaningful and produced by all the others. Interference Archive is opening up our space on the weekend of January 14–15 from noon to 5pm each day for representatives from spaces and communities across the city to bring anti-inauguration/pro-community materials to give out, and to pick up similar materials to further distribution in their spaces.

We are already partnering with Print.Organize.Protest (, the Disrict 13 house in DC, the Amplifier Foundation (, and are working on additional relationships. We will have, at a minimum, a dozen different poster designs and likely as many stickers, all for mass distribution. All materials that are not distributed in NYC will be sent to DC with people heading down to the protests there. Nothing will be wasted!

Propaganda Party Organizing Committee
Interference Archive, 131 8th Street No. 4, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Post-Election Organizing: Call for Art & Designs

Interference Archive is hosting a propaganda party on the weekend of January 14/15 to produce and disseminate artistic material to be used during the counter-inauguration actions. We are looking for poster and sticker designs we can reproduce both digitally and physically, all artists are encouraged to participate!

We are actively fundraising, and hope to be able to produce at least 2 large-scale poster runs and a couple different sticker designs. Other designs will be hosted on the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative website and available for download. ( The more money we can raise, the more agitprop we can produce. If you know anyone who might be interested in investing in this, please let us know!

What we need:
—11”x17” (1 or 2 color) poster designs
—18”x24” (black and white or full color) poster designs
—Imagery for stickers
—We will also be doing live-screen-printing, and are looking for designs to use for that

When we need it:
We need all art by January 3rd in order to have time to produce materials for distribution on the 14th/15th

What we don’t want:
We will be avoiding all art with an explicit focus on Trump and his catchphrases. The more we represent him—no matter in what light—the more we re-inscribe him with power. Instead, focus on graphics that support the social movements that existed before Trump and will be fighting to exist after he is long gone.

Where we need it:
High-res (300dpi) files of designs can be sent to:

What is a propaganda party? It’s where we invite dozens of organizations, activists, designers, and artists producing materials around a political issue to hang out, meet each other, and distribute their flyers, stickers, posters, buttons, and more. We will have at least a dozen different posters. All propaganda is FREE, and we encourage all to come by, grab a drink, screen print a shirt and load up on as many posters and stickers they can carry. All remaining materials will be sent to Washington DC to be distributed to inauguration protestors.

Let’s create an undeniable visual landscape of resistance together!

Propaganda Party Organizing Committee
Interference Archive, 131 8th Street No. 4, Brooklyn, NY 11215