These images were created by artists across the country with the intent of sharing them with the public. Please use them to make your own banners, flyers, t-shirts, or other resistance objects. They are not available to use for profit under any circumstances. Each artist retains copyright to their work. Please consider contacting them if you like the image and contributing to them directly if you are able.

Pussy Love - Janina A. Larenas

Pussy Love
by Janina A. Larenas
July 28, 2015
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I created this design for my friend Amanda Payne for her feminist zine Two Pussies. She was looking for feminine, sexual, beautiful, woman empowering art, literature or crafts, and the idea of a pussy with the vulva, labia, clitoris in the shape of a heart came to me as the embodiment of these requests. These words and images have always been difficult to discuss or view in the public sphere, this image attempts to denaturalize this stigma by encasing it in a common expression of love. Since the recent administration has targeted women socially and politically, as well as reproductive and gender rights, this image feels even more relevant and necessary than when I made it.

Act & Protect - Janina A Larenas

Act & Protect
by Janina A. Larenas
November 2016
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This image was inspired by a lot of request I received about making posters or stickers with a safety pin on them. The safety pin can be uniting symbol but it is important to actively maintain, fight for, and protect safe spaces within our community, to do more than share in a symbolic gesture.