These images were created by artists across the country with the intent of sharing them with the public. Please use them to make your own banners, flyers, t-shirts, or other resistance objects. They are not available to use for profit under any circumstances. Each artist retains copyright to their work. Please consider contacting them if you like the image and contributing to them directly if you are able.

Feet Fist Eyes - By Ariana Mygatt

Feet Fist Eyes
by Ariana Mygatt

Date: January 2017
Format: PNG
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A good portion of my time since the 2016 election has been spent working in the art of protest posters. In November, I worked with my high school graphic design classes on protest art and installed a wall of student-made posters in my school. In December, I hosted a visiting-artist lesson from P.O.P.-partner Shoestring Press to introduce students to the art of screen printing. In January, I created my own design with the goal of continuing to empower resistance and focus attention back on the bodies that need to be monitored.

Ariana Mygatt is an artist educator. She teaches art and graphic design at a public high school in Brooklyn and works professionally in portrait & event photography. She holds an MA in Art + Education from New York University and a BA in Media Studies from Pomona College. Ariana works in digital and film photography, as well as graphic design and film production. 

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